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  • Danger Space, Hitting Space
  • The Battle of Stromvaer
  • Suppose Nishimura had waited at Leyte
  • Yamato Class Battleships
  • Top ten most powerful navies in the world
  • Japanese Victory at Midway
  • Holland Shadows Bismarck Instead
  • Pearl Harbor: Possible third wave
  • Battleship Vanguard Armor
  • Soviet Union Carriers
  • AP shells and sea water
  • Armor Thickness – lbs and Inches
  • Alleged attack on HMS Invincible
  • Norwegian Fjords in World War II
  • Who really sank the Hood? Bismarck or Prinz Eugen?
  • The Greatest Naval Battle in History
  • Longest Gunfire Hit


  • Allied Search Radars
  • Spanish Navy Destroyers
  • Canarias, Adiós, Part II, Part III

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