The WW2 History of HMS Whimbrel.

From the Washington Naval Treaty to the end of the Second World War.
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The WW2 History of HMS Whimbrel.

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So besides HMS Whimbrel being stuck in Egypt and multiple efforts to bring the ship back to the UK failing, I can't seem to find much info at all about her WW2 service.

All I can dig up online is that she was part of the Battle of the Atlantic, taking part in several escort groups and that she is the last surviving British warship which was present at the Japanese surrender in 45. But apart from this, information is very hard to come by.

Whimbrel served for 3 years in WW2 and possesses 6 battle Honours (Sicily 1943, Atlantic 1943-44, Normandy 1944, English Channel 1944, Arctic 1944, Okinawa 1945) this is 2 more than even HMS Belfast, which is why I find it hard to believe that nothing more interesting than the above stated happened during her war career for a ship with this many Honours.

If anyone can give some more details on her WW2 service then please let me know as I am very keen to find out.
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