Documentary on Hood

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Documentary on Hood

Post by paul.mercer » Thu Jan 12, 2017 11:56 pm

On Monday 9th Jan there was a program on BBC 4 (Freeview 9) entitled 'Clyde built, the ships that made the Commonwealth' which featured the building of HMS Hood. This is probably still available on one of the 'catch up' programs or on the BBC website.
The program featured the original ships drawings and almost step by step pictures of her construction, including the realisation that after Jutland there was a serious lack of deck armour and the plan to add a further 5000 tons. other films showed her at sea during her world cruise and it would appear rhat in any sort of sea she was a very 'wet' ship and i could not help wondering if all that extra weight
has been added whether it might have affected her stability in a really rough sea and if that extra deck armour might have saved her.
It was a very interesting documentary, did anyone else see it?

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Re: Documentary on Hood

Post by culverin » Mon Jan 16, 2017 9:12 pm

Yes Paul, i also watched this episode. An hour well spent.
This programme was made for any layman to easy understand in 1 hour the history of Hood and i can only give credit to all involved, irrespective of your depth or lack of knowledge. It did not dwell on her demise.
It was the final of 4 episodes called Clydebuilt, the ships that made the Commonwealth.
What really pulls these histories together is the superlative presentation by the enigmatic Glaswegian actor, and now presenter, David Hayman, who has been around longer than the Clyde itself, ably assisted, in this episode, in part by historian and author Ian Johnston whose tomes include Clydebank Battlecruisers and The Battleship Builders, both excellent.
How fortunate that in David we have a presenter with a real ability to succinctly and eloquently portray his subject matter, from Hood to Clyde Puffers, with none of those awful attendant adjectives and gushing ill informed nonsenses.
Hope we will see a lot more of him in the future, but in the meantime he currently co stars in 'Taboo' as Brace, which is getting into its stride after 2 episodes. Can't wait for the next 6.
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Re: Documentary on Hood

Post by RF » Wed Jan 18, 2017 9:16 am

I did see part of the episode and what I did see I thought was rather boring, which is why I didn't watch all of it. My impression was that the focus was on the shipyard more than on the ship itself.
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