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Mr. Virtuani's Opinion

Posted: Mon Nov 11, 2019 7:19 pm
by Bill Jurens
Recent postings by Mr. Virtuani have recently consisted primarily of repeated and somewhat lengthy and unpleasant personal attacks on myself, as moderator, and Mr. Rico, as website host. My sense of this is that most participants would rather avoid this sort of commentary, but find it difficult to bypass this material because it is liberally and repeatedly sprinkled and re-inserted throughout a variety of threads. Insofar as Mr. Virtuani has been provided ample opportunity to criticize the moderation (and moderators), further repetition along these lines can serve no useful purpose. For that reason, further postings along these lines may be expected to be deleted and result in temporary or permanent banishment.

I am aware that such action may be interpreted – at least by some – as representing an attempt to stifle reasonable comment. Rather than ban Mr. Virtuani outright, I have created a new thread for the exclusive use of Mr. Virtuani, called “Mr. Virtuani’s Opinion”.

Others should not post on Mr. Virtuani’s thread, nor should Mr. Virtuani post on other threads. Mr. Virtuani may, of course, comment on any other postings on this board, but must only post under his particular thread. Similarly, other posters may comment upon content in “Mr. Virtuani’s Opinion”, but should not post directly on his thread. This will, I hope, to at least somewhat isolate the unpleasant commentary. Mr. Virtuani’s thread will be monitored, as any other, for aggressive or unpleasant content, and he will remain subject to normal guidelines regarding deletions and/or banishment.

In hopes of keeping commentary on track as much as possible, I will, as a beginning, further restrict postings on Mr. Virtuani’s thread to five per week, to an accumulated total of 250 words. This restriction on posting length will, I hope, result in a more focused postings by Mr. Virtuani, whilst still permitting the insertion of reasonable commentary on other’s posts. He will still have a voice, but other participants will henceforth have to go slightly out of their way to look for it.

Perhaps this will work. I hope it helps. If it does not, my only -- and regrettable -- option will be to impose a somewhat lengthy ban on Mr. Virtuani.

Bill Jurens (as moderator).

Re: Mr. Virtuani's Opinion

Posted: Mon Nov 11, 2019 7:42 pm
by Alberto Virtuani
Hello everybody,
of course I cannot accept such biased and unfair limitations (a kind of "cage" with a "word and post count"....), I will continue posting when and where I want and I still ask Mr.Rico an answer to my questions (viewtopic.php?f=11&t=8347#p84945) and his urgent intervention.

The moderator has the (undue) power to ban me if he wants NOT the morale stature to tell me what I have to do, after his proven plagiarism and his evident game he has played here !

It will be a great honour to be banned by such a person. :kaput:

Bye, Alberto

Re: Mr. Virtuani's Opinion

Posted: Tue Nov 12, 2019 5:41 am
by Bill Jurens
I tried, but even I have my limits. I have banned Mr. Virtuani for a one-month period.

Bill Jurens [moderator].

Goodbye !

Posted: Sat Mar 14, 2020 9:30 am
by Alberto Virtuani
Hello everybody,
it's time for me to follow the very wise example of Antonio Bonomi, who left this forum time ago, when it was clear that with this "moderator" only one side was "protected" and we were just attacked and humiliated by a biased arbiter. At that time, however, he couldn't suspect yet that this attitude was just hiding a personal preventive attack coming from a person who had already committed (but not yet published...) a plagiarism against him. Since then Bill Jurens has ruled the forum with his ridiculous rules, all oriented to silence the "minority" and defend his untenable position as copycat.
I suspect however that Mr.Rico is unfortunately silently blessing his abuses. I must say I had a much better consideration of our Webmaster, who is now apparently timidly hiding behind the scene not to take a position, refusing to answer my questions (viewtopic.php?f=11&t=8347#p84945).
I have asked the questions in public: no answer. I have written him in private: no answer. I have solicited him: no answer... I can only imagine this is due to some economical/editorial interests that link him to such "moderator" . I do sincerely hope it is not for any personal problem of him.
As no way to protest against this "moderator" inadequacy is left to the minority, I'm forced to leave the forum forever from now, at least until Bill Jurens will be contaminating the site with his presence in an undeserved role.

I'm sad however, because in all these years I have met very fair people: one example among "my" side has been Alecsandros, and two from the "other side" have been Dr.Cadogan and Paul Mercer . Plus Thorsten Wahl, Dave Saxton, Tommy303, RNfanDan, etc.etc. (sorry if I forget all the others in a very long list).
To the (very few) residual hooligans/deniers, please:
1) lazily enjoy your quiet-living instead of facing the cold truth, 2) cowardly enjoy your one-sided moderation (protection), 3) childishly enjoy your fairy-tale re. the Bismarck operation and its consequences. :oops:
From now you will be able (among yourselves only...) to continue calling 1) "heroes" three timid officers, 2) "innocent errors" the intentional falsifications / lies / hypocrisies, 3) "poor old demented sailors" the ones who (sometimes after such lies) were finally writing the truth and 4) "well-deserved recognitions" the hypocritical decorations attributed to the same officers who should have faced a Court Martial instead. :oops:

I wish anyway to everybody all the best. - Goodbye! - Alberto

P.S. let's see who will be so vile to shoot from behind, taking advantage from the fact I won't be here anymore to answer as deserved: please go on, confirm your COWARDICE in front of everybody.

Re: Mr. Virtuani's Opinion

Posted: Sat Mar 14, 2020 9:57 am
by Herr Nilsson

stay healthy and safe. Take care.

Best wishes from Germany to Italy.