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Title: Kriegsmarine am Feind.

Author: Friedrich Meier.

Publisher: Erich Klinghammer, Berlin.

Publication date: 1941.

Format: Hardcover, 415 b/w photos, 241 pages.

Comments: Kriegsmarine am Feind (The Kriegsmarine engaging the Enemy) is a large photographic compendium containing over 415 clear B&W photos of surface ships, U-boats, E-boats, naval operations, shipyards, and of the... Read more.

Title: Prinz Eugen im ersten Gefecht.

Author: Fritz Otto Busch.

Publisher: C. Bertelsmann, Gütersloh.

Publication date: 1943.

Format: Hardcover, 92 photos, 4 maps/sketches, 324 pages.

Comments: Prinz Eugen im ersten Gefecht (The First Battle of Prinz Eugen) is one of many books Korvettenkapitän Fritz Otto Busch wrote during his naval career (1912-1945) and... Read more.

Title: Der Seekrieg in Bildern.

Author: Fritz Otto Busch.

Publisher: Marine-Verlag Heinrich Beenken, Berlin C 2.

Publication date: 1940.

Format: Softcover, 120 b/w photos, 112 pages.

Comments: Der Seekrieg im Bildern (Pictorial of the War at sea) is a very hard to find German book published during wartime. It is the first volume of a ... Read more.

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