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Post by Tiornu » Mon Sep 27, 2010 3:03 am

I'm selling a set of Warship quarterlies and annuals which constitute a nearly
complete run from the beginning to 2002-2003 (the only missing item is Warship
2001-2002). All are as-is, but the condition is generally unremarkable with some
exceptions that I've noted below. Practicality probably dictates that we stick
with domestic US shipping. Here's the list:
Warship I US$25
quarterlies #5-8 US$20
Warship III US$22
Warship IV US$19
Warship V US$35
quarterlies #21-24 US$25
quarterlies #25-28 US$30
quarterlies #29-32 US$20
quarterlies #33-36 US$20
quarterlies #37-40 US$15
quarterlies #41-44 US$80
quarterlies #45-48 US$80
quarterly #49 US$50
Warship 1989 US$20
Warship 1990 US$17
Warship 1991 US$25
Warship 1992 US$50
Warship 1993 US$45
Warship 1994 US$25 spine of jacket only has 1-2" tear repaired with tape
Warship 1995 US$45
Warship 1996 US$85
Warship 1997-1998 US$50
Warship 1999-2000 US$50 binding error has rumpled a single page, no biggie
Warship 2000-2001 US$30 DJ in protective cover
Warship 2002-2003 US$50 DJ in protective cover
In addition, I have Quarterly #2 that I guess I'll price at $3.
Shipping will be extra. I usually go with media rate, but if you want something else, that's fine.
I will show preference to people wanting multiple copies; if you want the whole lot, go ahead and make a bid on that and save me some time and effort. If you're without a Warship set, this is the perfect way to get started. You may note that the prices are all very good.
I accept Paypal. Contact me ASAP: my screen name @ Hotmail.com.

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Re: Warship

Post by Djoser » Sat Dec 25, 2010 2:41 am

Hey I don't know if you sold all these yet--I might want to buy some depending on what the topics covered would be.

Keep your eye out for an e-mail from me, I put my name 'Djoser' in the title.

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Re: Warship

Post by Tiornu » Sun Dec 26, 2010 2:43 am

Unfortunately, I've already sold every last item. That's not unfortunate for me, but for everybody else, yeah.

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