LCT (5), Omaha Beach Information

From the Washington Naval Treaty to the end of the Second World War.
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LCT (5), Omaha Beach Information

Post by Theakker3 » Wed Mar 11, 2020 10:50 pm


I am an artist working on a WWII drawing of a man’s father who was a US Navy sailor aboard LCT(5) 207 on D-Day. His name was George H. Greene and according to his son, he was firing a Browning 50 Caliber machine gun from the LCT when he was wounded in the arm.

Regarding the LCT(5), I have not been able to find any good information or photographs of the ship’s armament. I’m pretty sure these 50 caliber machine guns would have been mounted on the rear of the ship next to the wheelhouse, but from what I have researched this was where 20mm Oerlikon guns were.

Any information you can fill me in on with the LCT(5), and more specifically LCT 207, to depict it as accurately as possible would be greatly appreciated. I have attached some images circling out the detailed areas of the LCT(5) I need info on. Thanks!