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Secret U boat bases

Posted: Sun Mar 01, 2020 10:47 am
by paul.mercer
I’m currently watching a US produced TV program called ‘Hunting Hitler’ which supposes that Hitler did not kill himself in the bunker, but fled to South America via Spain and the Canary islands.
The program consists of a group of people trying to make a case for the escape, starting with a plane taking Hitler from Berlin to Spain, seemingly ignoring all the swarms of Allied aircraft just waiting for a chance to get a shot at it.
Apparently, having arrived in Spain, Hitler was then taken to a house near the coast but far from anywhere else built by a prominent Nazi in the Canary islands where there was a large complex built by the Germans to re-arm and re-fuel U boats and from there was taken by U boat to Argentina where the U boat was scuttled after taking off Hitler and its crew!
Frankly, I think the whole thing is total bull---, but the house built by this prominent Nazi does exist and they explored a large complex built into the cliffs on the Canary Islands which strongly resemble the underground tunnels built in Germany during the war and were unlikely to have been built by the Spanish who were pretty broke at the time
So, whilst ignoring the preposterous tales of Hitler’s escape as there were too many witnesses to what occurred in the bunker, is there any evidence of places built both in Spain or the Canary Islands to refuel and re arm U boats (without apparently arousing the interest of the local people because it would have taken thousands of workers plus all the building equipment, guards and German engineers!) or of U boats making their way to South America?
As I have already said the idea of Hitler’s escape is rubbish, but who did built this huge underground complex and di the Germans have secret U boat bases in Spain ?

Re: Secret U boat bases

Posted: Sun Mar 01, 2020 11:21 am
by OpanaPointer
Do a search over at And try to forgive us for the HyFy Channel stupidities.

Re: Secret U boat bases

Posted: Sun Mar 01, 2020 12:59 pm
by wadinga
Fellow Contributors,

This site

describes the limited happenstances where U-boats in the Real World used Spanish resources. Fantasy U-Boat bases on islands should stay in the Hollywood world of Indiana Jones where they belong.

OpanaPointer, no-one holds you personally culpable.

All the best


Re: Secret U boat bases

Posted: Mon Mar 02, 2020 10:02 am
by paul.mercer
Many thanks for your replies, i had a look on the suggested site and came to the same conclusion as when I first saw the program -which is still ongoing.
Total Bull---- in order to make a time consuming and money wasting program with people jetting all over the world to stir up fictional stories!

Re: Secret U boat bases

Posted: Thu Mar 05, 2020 10:53 am
by paul.mercer
Just as an afterthought, i wonder who did build all those tunnels and huge chambers in the Canary islands and what was their purpose?