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Draining the ocean -Yamato

Posted: Sun Jun 23, 2019 5:20 pm
by paul.mercer
On TV the other day was another 'Draining the Ocean' program which included the finding of the remains of Yamato, they also produced what was a picture of the remains, the ship is upside down with her bow completely separated and facing the other way from the rest of the ship, which appears to have almost been cut in half by a possible second explosion. The film also drained away all the silt around the ship to expose one of her triple 18" turrets upside down with initially just had the trunking exposed above the silt. An actual picture of her final demise taken by one of the US aircraft showed the moment she blew up, it must have been aa mighty explosion of one or both forward magazines to do all that damage.
Have the remains of Musashi ever been found and investigated?