Several wartime magazines - Bismarck, U-Boats, Graf Spee, et

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Several wartime magazines - Bismarck, U-Boats, Graf Spee, et

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For sale are some issues of the Bristish wartime magazine War Illustrated. These are loaded with photos and articles describing the war on every front. I will highlight some of the naval subjects.

- Issue 30, March 29 1940.
2 pages on shipbuilding "for remplacements are racing the nazi sinkings" 4 pages on the Battle of the plate, the Graf Spee sinking,
1 page on minesweeping.
1 page"we scored a direct hit on a U-Boat" RAF sinking a sub near Helgoland.
1 page "we chased a U-boat and destroyed it" about an armed trawler who appearantly sunk a sub.

- issue 93, June 13 th, 1941

3 pages "How the royal Navy avenged the Hood" about the Bismarck sinking.
1 page about a convoy.

- issue 94, June 20 th, 1941

" the unsinkable sinks, the end of the Bismarck as seen from the deck of HMS Doretshire", 2 pages.
2 pages on the battle of the Atlantic, including 1 map.
1 page "how our catalina shadowed the Bismarck"and I saw one explosion - the hood had gone".

- issue 107, september 30 th, 1941

- 1 page "In capturing a U-Boat the Hudson made history" about
- 1 page about RAF bombardments on ships in Holland.
1 page on a free french submarine sinking German vessels.

Each number is in good shape seeing it's age, although the staples might be rusty. The give an interesting sight in how the war was presented to the public. Many other subjects can be found in them.

Each issue: € 6, paypal or bank transfer possible.

Kind regards,

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