Revell of Germany Online Survey

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Revell of Germany Online Survey

Post by Nelson Ott » Sun Jun 22, 2014 10:16 pm

Hi Gentlemen,

Revell of Germany is doing an online survey about the most wanted model kits:

My naval contributions to the survey are:

1:350 HMS Ark Royal (WWII) (almost 8300 votes as of this writing)
1:350 SMS Seydlitz
1:350 SMS Von Der Tann
1:350 A-12 São Paulo

Interesting to see that the WWI battlecruisers never were among the most desired ones (400 ~ 500 votes). The A-12 aircraft carrier always had a poor voting, only about 300 votes in 3 months.

If you agree with my selection, your votes are welcome! And new ideas for the survey as well.

Best regards, :wink: