Photo etched puzzle

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Photo etched puzzle

Post by Bluemill » Tue Mar 29, 2011 2:07 am

I can not seem to do the PE rails on a 1/700 Dragon Bismarck, which is exquisite in its detail. I have tried 3 kinds of crazy glue, Testor's glue for PE, and Future floor wax. I've tried several different ways to glue, both trying to bond the back lower edge of the rail to the outside side edge of the deck, and also laying the rails down on the top of the top of the deck. I am making a mess out of the decks with all the failed attempts to accomplish the task. I am a fairly skilled modeler, and I have all the tools, but the damn things just won't stick.

This is my first attempt at PE. I didn't have any problems with the flat wide detail pieces, but the rails are near impossible. The big problem are the large sections of railings on the first deck after the main deck. Each 2" piece has got about 5-6 precise bends to conform to the side of the deck. I cleaned the PE carefully with lacquer thinner the last time out. I have the forward bridge and conning tower done, by bonding back lower edge of the rail to the side of the superstructure. Those are really straight in comparison to the first deck rails.

Thanks for any pointers, and advice you can spare.

I tried Zap a Gap green in addition to a low cost crazy glue, and also Testor's crazy glue for models.


"Bismarck, massive and elegant, with the high flare of her bows and majestic sweep of her lines, her ease and arrogance in the water, was then the most graceful, most powerful warship yet built."
-Ludovic Kennedy in his book: Pursuit