Scharnhorst, 1:570 by Revell Germany

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Scharnhorst, 1:570 by Revell Germany

Post by Bluemill » Sat Feb 16, 2008 9:00 pm

I have yet to see a model of this version of the Scharnhorst on any of the model websites. Can anybody comment on it? The old Revell Bismarck is a disaster, almost a cartoon, but most companies have better molds today as a result of obtaining accurate plans.

As an aside, I have a version of the early 1960's Aurora Bismarck model. I have also the 1943-44 Jane's Fighting Ships, US edition. It looks to me that Aurora used the mid war, naval intelligence guess of what the ship looked like for their mold. The shape of the hull, the very rudimentry deck equipment and armament all look identical to the 1943 scuttlebut from Jane's. Despite this, I couldn't wait to get my hands on that model back in '62! It was the first in a long line of attempts to get the ship right. Today, my best version for accuracy is the Dragon, premium edtion. The detail on that kit is fabulous!

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"Bismarck, massive and elegant, with the high flare of her bows and majestic sweep of her lines, her ease and arrogance in the water, was then the most graceful, most powerful warship yet built."
-Ludovic Kennedy in his book: Pursuit