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Bismarck RAL colors - Denmark Straight

Post by Bluemill » Thu Jan 17, 2008 5:22 pm

Hello Master Marine Modelers!

I assume that the most universal color code is the RAL system. I'm using Testors ACRYL whenever possible, because I can buy it in a local shop, and it covers and is so workable vs. other water based paints.

In looking at the 1:50th Blohm and Voss model, it appears that the hull red looks to be a dark rich red vs. a red brown as some think that it was. I have seen all varieties of anti-fouling marine paint, from bright red to nearly brown. The WEM sounds intriguing but it's oil based, and on the other side of the pond!

I guess I'd like to know what the WEM paints look like. Notice that their color chart is not (apparently) on line.

Of course the grays are a mystery as well. KBismarck shows an almost medium gray on the 38 cm. guns and forward superstructure decking, while the Bismarck Class/Asmussen site shows a very dark, almost black color on the same areas. I would lean towards the KBismarck rendition, because the Blohm & Voss model supports their opinions.

Also, the line drawings at KBismarck indicate a very thick waterline, nearly as thick as the distance from the top of the armour belt to the top of the hull side, or about 33% of the freeboard. The same on the B&V model. If you look close too, it's dark gray on the model, not flat black, but it's the gray of the gun barrels and forward upper decks.

The upper superstructure sides and turrets look a very light gray in the model, while the hull sides are much darker, more than first indicated by KBismarck line drawings, but this is just a model and not gospel!

Can't anybody ascertain this information before all of the survivors have passed on? I am amazed that it's still being debated.

Jan. 17, 2008
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