Film about naval mine disarmers

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Film about naval mine disarmers

Post by Rontombontom » Sun Mar 24, 2019 3:55 pm

I hope someone can help me find a movie/TV film I saw at least 35, maybe 40 years ago on TV (but was already old by then).

The film was about men trying to disarm German naval mines washed up on a beach, made difficult by some new intricate trigger mechanism as yet unknown to the disposal experts. The first scene is someone blowing himself up while trying. If I remember correctly, the main character is shown as a quiet hero risking his life to save others even if it causes serious conflict with a woman who loves him; there was a film noir feel to the movie. The film was probably British, but I'm not certain, and probably B&W, but that could have been the TV I watched it on.

Does any of that ring a bell? I did several searches & went through long lists of war movies to find this one, to no avail.