Hey!!! Nelson´s Birthday

From the battle of Lepanto to the mid-19th century.
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Karl Heidenreich
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Hey!!! Nelson´s Birthday

Post by Karl Heidenreich »

Thanks to wadinga for remembering us about this: the greatest of the greatest naval tacticians and gambler would be 248 years old today!
September 29th, 1758, the date Lord Nelson was born and, with Wellington, Great Britain had his finest son. :D
In today´s world with so many "profesional officers" as we see in CNN how much we miss a genius like him... :wink:
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Post by Gary »

Hi Karl.

Thanks for posting the topic :clap:

The greatest admiral of all time.
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Post by miro777 »

i totally agree with that...

a great leader and admiral

Die See ruft....
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