A strange occurance

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A strange occurance

Post by paul.mercer »

Whilst watching a documentary on the ME 109 a couple of days ago, a strange story of a renowned 109 pilot escorting crippled B17 back over enemy territory was mentioned and apparently was featured in a book. Does anyone know the title of that book or can shed some more light on what actually occurred?
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Re: A strange occurance

Post by marcelo_malara »

Like you said Paul, the pilot decided not to shot down an already heavily damaged and defenseless B-17, allowing it to return to UK. I think that we spoke about it in this forum years ago. Personally, I don´t think any lives were spared, because surely the crew flew again another bomber mission to kill equally defenseless civilians. The German would had been judged and executed had he recognized this during war.

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Re: A strange occurance

Post by frontkampfer »

The name of the book is:

"A Higher Call"

By Adam Maxos with Larry Alexander

$15.29 new on Amazon
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