Naval firepower by Friedman

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Naval firepower by Friedman

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Hi all:

I have just finished reading it. I swear it is the last book I buy of the author. I don´t deny that it has some good content, but the author´s writing is very poor. He goes back and fore in his ideas and concepts, sometimes becoming confusing to the reader. The book is more historical than technical, there are just two computing systems described in depth: the Dreyer and the Ford MkI. All the others are given just an overview. The crossleveling systems are not described at all, except for some mentions around the text. The Bismarck fire control description is very sketchy, I refuse to accept that there is not a full description of it available. There are no tables relating the specific fire control systems to the ships carrying them, you have to crawl the text to find the info.

You have to buy it because it is the only one about he subject, but it could have been done much better.

On the other hand I started reading Battleships: Axis and neutral by Garzke and Dullin. Just one word for it: excellent (so far, I am by 25% of it).

Regards to all