Kammhuber's meeting with Hitler

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Kammhuber's meeting with Hitler

Post by Dave Saxton » Wed Jul 19, 2017 3:24 pm

In May 1943, General Kammhuber, the commander of German night fighters, and Germany's radar air warning and tracking systems, presented a paper to Goering that predicted how American aircraft production would influence the course of the war. Kammhuber was particularly concerned that American strategic bombing may also adopt night bombing, but it also correctly predicted the onslaught by day that was coming. Kammhuber uses official OKW Intel for his data. Goering was so impressed that he arranged a meeting between Kammhuber and Hitler. The meeting did not go well.

Hitler was apoplectic at Kammhuber's numbers and flew into rage. Der Fuehrer was stunned by the OKW numbers-which were correct- of American aircraft production of 5000 per month.

Hitler screamed: "It's absolute nonsense! If the figures are correct, you would be right too. In that case I would have to withdraw from the Eastern Front forthwith, and apply all resources to air defense. But they are not right! I will not stand for such nonsense!"

The meeting was over and so was Kammhuber's career, as Goering then turned on Kammhuber for embarrassing him in front of Hitler.

Kammhuber had the last laugh, however. Kammhuber would become the leader of West Germany's reorganized Luftwaffe post war and also for a time the leader in NATO's air forces.
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Re: Kammhuber's meeting with Hitler

Post by RF » Thu Sep 14, 2017 12:57 pm

Hitler's reaction to the aircraft production figures was the same as that when the Fuhrer was given figures for Soviet tank production.

It underlines the weakness of dictators and shows why they lose - they can't deal with somebody who knows what he is talking about and who confronts them with reality.
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