Formula for defeat? The Luftwaffe

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Re: Formula for defeat? The Luftwaffe

Post by aurora » Sun Nov 16, 2014 5:48 pm

Yes RF -I cannot but agree with your posting- because the critical faults lay in the conduct of the campaign by the Luftwaffe which, at least twice, held victory in it's hand, yet failed to gain that victory. All efforts should have been directly linked to the primary objective, which in both cases they were not.The Luftwaffe failed miserably in the application of a planned air warfare. However, major air operations against Britain were discontinued not "because they were recognized as hopeless or because they could no longer be justified in terms of the losses incurred . . ." they ceased "by order of top-level command because the German Air Force was needed for the forthcoming war with Soviet Russia."
In the final analysis, perhaps the Germans "might" have won. Perhaps, if they had aggressively pursued either campaign strategy they could have won, but that will always remain pure conjecture.
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