What to call these angles?

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What to call these angles?

Post by Frej » Sat Dec 05, 2015 12:42 pm

In a naval combat game I'm working on (covering the WWI - WWII period), two list angles are of particular importance:

1) The angle at which the lower edge of the armor belt is right at the waterline, on the higher side, so that if the list increases any further, shells can sneak in below the belt without passing through water (ignoring waves).

2) The angle at which the upper edge of the belt on the lower side is at the waterline, so that any increase in list may flood unarmored spaces above the armor deck (which is assumed to be at the top of the belt).

Are there any technical terms for these angles, preferably short ones?

For simplicity, I'm assuming in the game that these angles are the same (yeah, I know that that's often wrong, but the game is too complicated already), and I call this the critical angle, but for all I know, this may already have some other meaning, so if there are any established terms for these angles I want to know.