Bismarck RDF equipment

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Re: Bismarck RDF equipment

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hans zurbriggen wrote: Mon May 22, 2023 7:38 am Hello Mr. Malara,
yes, you are most probably right: I think phases are involved. Too much technical for me, but I feel that 2 large loops are capable of determining radio emissions bearing.
I think also 'diamond' equipment (e.g. on aft mast of Prince of Wales) is not rotating, but it was able (thanks to 2 small loops at 90°) to determine Suffolk bearings during Bismarck chase.

Curious to understand what was advantage that persuaded KM to remove small rotating single antennas, replacing them with such large loops instead of small 'diamonds' like on British ships though (sensitivity ? speed in determining bearing ? other ?)

Well, I think that it is mechanically far more simple to rotate a coil within a radio office that to turn a remote antenna. Provided both are accurate I would go for the fixed one.

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