Bismarck's engine spaces

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Re: Bismarck's engine spaces

Post by bob cornford » Mon Jul 13, 2015 1:43 pm

Despite this thread being dead, I thought I might be so bold as to add something. The problem with many of the analogies is that this is a complex subject. In general terms, comparing RN capital ships with the German capital ships is fraught with problems. We should really look at steam conditions at the turbine inlet to see whose machinery is best. With steam plant it is not really worthwhile to isolate a component, say the boiler, and compare it with another on hp alone. In reality one must look at the development of the propulsion plant in the whole. When this is done the USN turns out to be head and shoulders above anyone else in terms of reliability, range, speed and any other parameter. The RN was a very long way behind, something that was recognised by the British as a result of post war evaluation. A survey conducted by the US on the German marine steam industry concluded that there was nothing to be learnt from German practise.
Anyone that has any serious doubts should consult Dr Jung "The Marine Turbine Part 2 1928 - 1980".

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